Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “The Ambush”

Toby has sometimes been a bit of a spare part on Switched at Birth, with storylines outside of the girls’ and less of a role to play in the familial drama than the two that actually share two sets of parents. Unlike Bay, Toby rarely gets to interact with Angelo and Regina, and sometimes even has less to do with Kathryn and John but, with his long-distance marriage to Nikki and subsequent soul searching we’ve seen this season, Toby is finally feeling like a central part of the show. It all makes the breakdown of that marriage in ‘The Ambush’ that much more effective.

Because Toby’s motivation for moving out of the Kennish household and filling his time with field hockey coaching has been a placeholder for the real next stage in his life – marriage. Nikki and Toby eloped without enjoying the subsequent marriage and now, with Nikki most likely moving to Africa permanently and Toby staying to see things through with his own life and career, he’s going to have to figure out what it is he wants for himself. Thankfully, his delight at helping Sharee was a good indicator that he’ll be fine, but this was a slightly surprising way for their storyline to end.




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