Teen Wolf Season 3 “Insatiable” Review

SPOILER WARNING As Martin Lawrence observed in both Bad Boys 1 and 2, sh!t got REAL last night on Teen Wolf. If you have not watched the episode, slowly back away now!

Let’s not tiptoe around the heartbreaking final minutes of last night’s Teen Wolf. I have long speculated that Allison Argent would be one of the major deaths Jeff Davis spoke about before the second half of this season started. My suspicions, however, did absolutely NOTHING to prepare me for her death. Seriously, nothing. If I thought I could get away with it, I would have done a completely gif-based review of last night’s episode.

I’m suspending my usual “Pow! Right in the feels” section in order to make room for the following gifs that best captured me as I watched last night’s episode.




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