The Fosters (ABC Family) Review “Metropolis”

The kids at Anchor Beach Community Charter are terrible. That needs to be said upfront. For them to vote for Callie because they believed she was buying them with liqueur is gross. For Brandon’s ex-partner to orchestrate such an elaborate plan is even grosser. Seriously, how is it that the Fosters’ kids are the ones who are always getting into trouble? Everyone else’s kids are clearly the problem.

Putting the deplorable, rich kid antics aside, the penultimate episode of season one brought the Brandon and Callie saga full circle. Once again, Brandon and Callie meet in the music room, only this time, Brandon has composed a part of his song for her. Their story has been so integral to the first season, to see the twists it took in “Metropolis” was just wrenching on every level. Everything that Brandon has kept hidden from his family comes tumbling out and when Callie wins Winter Queen at the dance thanks to the machinations of Brandon’s former fake ID making buddy, he adds one more lie: to save Callie from going to juvie again, he tells the police that he is the one who set her up. This is after Callie lied to Brandon by telling him she slept with Wyatt in hopes of helping him move on from her. Those kids are killing me. The topper? Callie chases Brandon out of the school to confess it was a lie, giving him hope as a thank you for allowing her to keep her second chance. If we add in the part where Brandon wrote Callie a song entitled “Outlaws,” we can go ahead and all die of broken hearts.



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