Recap - Skins S04E07 Effy

Effy has been in a psychiatric hospital recovering since she tried to take her own life.

After lots of sessions with her counsellor John Foster, he tells her she is ready to go back home. Effy is worried she could slip back into her previous state, but John assures her that as long as she is disciplined she will be ok, and she will still visit him for sessions.

Effy becomes clear headed, focussed and hopeful for the future, taking each day at a time. As all of her friends receive their A-level results, Effy seems to have moved on completely from the Effy Stonem she used to be.

Freddie and Anthea become concerned; Effy's stronger and more self-assured than she's ever been, but something isn't right.

Written by Jamie Brittain

Directed by Daniel O'Hara

Source Here


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