CSI Season 14 Review “Uninvited”

On the latest episode of “CSI,” a family got an “Uninvited” guest- or was it guests? We started out with a family of four: a husband and wife and a son and daughter, seemingly happy. Cut to: 30 days later, and they’ve been missing for some time, only their house is not empty. A squatter who claims to have permission to live there is found knocked unconscious, after a neighborhood girl spots him with her mom. Upon investigating, the team discovers that the house has been cleaned and various items sold. Did the squatter off the family and reap the benefits?

As it turned out, though he was guilty of selling off their stuff, he did indeed have permission to be there, having been employed as a live-in handyman- and a potential fall guy for what really happened. This was one of those episodes where pretty much everyone had a motive to kill someone, so it was legitimately hard to figure out who did it. In the end, I was indeed wrong about the guilty party, but then, it would seem that so were the police, at least in terms of catching their “man,” as it were. Or woman, in this case.




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