OK then -review episodes 1-3- (spoilers..... i think)

I have loved the original fullmetal alchemist series longer then most people in the group of people i know who would actually watch anime save for a few who loved it with me. I loved it before it was ravaged by crazy fan fiction writers and fangirls with crazy love pairings on their minds. (i understand cool fanfictions but i swear to god i will not hear of roy impregnating ed) That being said when i herd of another series i was pissed because with the way they ended the old one adding to it would just be a pathetic attempt to milk the franchise. then i was quite suprised to find out they wanted to start over and stick close to the manga. Heres how it is.....


I was shocked and awed that they managed to fit a plot ark not in the old anime OR the manga and still have it fit in the plot before the whole lior thing. The anime is now straight and to the point. No longer will you sit through 5 minutes of melo drama when ever they learn something new. though the drama is still there. also more like the manga there is alot more sillyness. And the action in the series as shown in this episode is seriously upgraded. Like they have a good portion of the state alchemists we all know in love all facing off against an icey dooms day just in the first episode. still im not sure how relevent it all is.

episode 2

ok so this is the episode much like the third episode of the original anime explaining the incident which caused ed and al to be the way they are. i thought this one did it better in the way that the animation was good the scenes straight from the manga were very much welcome and the vastly increased amount of detail in this episode to also include his state exam is a well done effort. i was not happy that they barely showed anything before the mother died but that was about it. pretty good episode.

episode 3

Ok i am sick and tired of seeing this story arc reading this story arc and playing games with this story arc. It is an integral part of the story i know but ive just seen it so much.bla bla bla bastard preist..... bla bla bla .....yea

that being said i actually felt like i was watching something new. mainly because it was hella lot closer to the manga this time. and what used to be a 2 episode plot is now one episode yay. not to mention they fit BASICALLY everything in AND added an extra cool fight between ed and cornello that took me by suprise. not a bad episode

next when i comes out ill review episode 4


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