Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Check-Out”

Even though I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes of Bates Motel season two, there has been a decidedly low amount of one of my favorite characters from season one: Emma. Tonight’s episode “Check-Out” tried to change that with a great opening scene, and a continued increase throughout of Miss Decody. On top of that we got some more powerful scenes between Norma and both of her sons, Dylan spiraling out of control, and Norman trying to be the reasonable one in the family for once.

The aforementioned Emma started the episode off with an amusing “morning after” scene, waking up next to that Gunner guy from the party at the beach. This is only notable because it didn’t look like their night was going that way at the party in last week’s episode. It looked like Emma was way too gone to be making any kind of rational decisions about anything, let alone who she’s sleeping with. Gunner’s shady explanation shady explanation didn’t really clear anything up, either. He claims that she checked him in and they got a room together, but she doesn’t remember doing this? Oh, and it doesn’t explain why she woke up with no shirt on. It looked like Gunner was definitely not telling her the whole truth about that night, but it appears that they’ll be continuing their ill-advised relationship for the time being. Emma is by far the most likable character on this show, so it almost hurts me to see her getting into a relationship that is so clearly doomed to fail.



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