The Following Season 2 Review “Teacher’s Pet”

On the latest episode of “The Following,” as Joe cemented his newly-minted status as the leader of the cult he essentially hijacked, it was time to send out a new team to wreak havoc, and play “Teacher’s Pet” and seek Joe’s approval. At the same time, we saw how being a cult leader of a religious sect maybe wasn’t as far off the mark as one might think. Though Joe’s past figurehead was Poe, long before that, he was a God-fearing Brit who was shipped off to the States after his parents died.

Enter teacher Strauss, who sought to shed the young Joe of his inhibitions and point the way to a new path. But that religious background certainly came in handy for his new gig, as he freely retrofitted Christian beliefs to fit his own. Hey, his initials are JC. Only this JC’s motto is “No redemption without blood.” So much for thou shall not kill.



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