hmmmmm -review episode 4-

Episode 4

I remember the episode like this from the old anime and back when i first watched it it was the saddest thing ever. granted there alot of tear jerkers in the series but at the time i didnt think it could get any sadder.

In the new version it is definitely WAY closer to the manga. this isnt a bad or good thing. for newbies of FMA this episode should have the same effect as the other anime. It was funny in parts and sad and like the old anime just left you depressed. But again its way closer to the manga this time. That being said the next episode should be gooooood.

so i like it so far. and hopefully it gets better and HOPEFULLY they can do as good a job with voice acting in the english version as they did in the original



Default avatar cat
Apr 26, 2009 10:38PM EDT

I agree. Having already seen the episode from the other's perspective, it was not as sad, but I think it would have the same effect on those who have not seen it. So props for that... I also think it was less drawn out, which is definitely a plus.
I can't wait until we get into the more manga-exclusive episodes. :)

Default avatar cat
Apr 27, 2009 2:10AM EDT

its true that the anime was missing at least 20 manga charactors so it should get interesting. I cant wait for stuff from manga 12-14. or around there. freaky stuff

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