whats with little kids and robots? -review episode 9-

so Finally i was able to watch episode 9 of brotherhood and i want awed OR disapointed. it was certainly a good episode but i knew everything that was going to happen. Minus of course the random little kid bumping his toy robot into als foot. it wasnt important but i found it funny since people who arent that into anime usually think al is a robot. -_-'

another scene that kinda knocked me off guard was winry walking of the train saying "my ass hurts"............nuff said about that

i guess the only real thing i have to say right now is that while the score hasnt improved that much it did know when it was needed. some scenes are just ment to be silent and this episode respected that. so i liked it. and i gotta say that if next episode is what i think it is fangirls will be sad ^_^ hopefully the show keeps going at this pace cuz in this rate we will end up catching up to the manga just fine...... i hope


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