ed sleeps like i do !!!!! -review episode 6-

So i knew ahead of time this episode would be a little slow. Thats not nessisarily a bad thing being that their were still some laughs and the plot moves nicely.

Now i did re-notice something ive been meaning to write in my reviews. ive noticed by now that the music score in this series is at times much better then the original anime but other times it sounds like a saturday morning cartoon. Hopefully it wont bomb on the music because that is something i pay attention to.

Yes this episode again managed to take something that took up many episodes and cram it into one episode and yet it wasnt missing anything. It was almost word for word from the manga minus the altercation between lust and marcoh which didnt seem to make it in the episode. i hope they have it in the next episode because its a good little scene.

all in all other then the odd revelation i had that i sleep exactly like ed and the fact that there was an abundance of awkward armstrong moments (you know you love it) the episode was in the middle for me.

I liked it their was some good plot. But i wish they added that one scene. oh well. good episode. getting closer to the lab 5 arc. nuff said


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