oh no he didnt -Review Episode 5- (some spoilers)

Ok i was happy with this episode. It began with one my favorite scenes in the manga thus far which is Eds nightmare after the incident with shou tucker. though its only about 20 seconds long its still nice to see it made its way into the show. also durring this scene i notice imediately that the animation was like lethally more fluid then the 4 previous episodes. good animtation i guess is what im getting at.

also this episode is the closest to the manga thus far. And since this is the event that triggers like everything else by extension then finnally the series is going to pick up much like the manga did. Ed loses his arm so he goes to winry to fix it but on the way he finds marcoh who tells ed about hisresearch which ed finds and blah blah blah.long chain of events. Hopefully it translates well.

Ok did anyone else notice in this episode that whole thing about riza hawkeye putting her coat on ed. and then she SMILES AT HIM seriously mustangs gotta be fuming in the background. or at least on the inside ^_^

so other then the fact that Eds arm explosion couldve looked alot cooler i liked this episode.

Episode 6 ..... i predict no action...... at all......just warning

i dont mind slowing down the pace but some people might

but this episode means we are edging closer to a certain happenstance in a numerically named labortory. cant wait




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May 4, 2009 12:09AM EDT

I really like the idea of restarting the series, but I'm kind of bored with all the old stuff happening again, I know it's essential, but I just can't wait till they start to verge out of the old anime and have new story arcs and such.

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May 4, 2009 5:59PM EDT

yea. all the stuff with lin and the whole arc with father and gluttonys true form in volumes 12 -14 of the manga is what im waiting for

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