Girls Recap: It Just Hurts to Be a Shell


“Marnie’s clearly about to be a pop star, and you’re supposed to be the famous artist in this group,” Shoshanna tells Hannah after Marnie’s showed up to sing and, shockingly, actually found a use for which her voice was intended. Shosh’s superpower may be to arrive at the most cutting possible truth by the ditziest route possible, and while she’s overstating the case on Marnie’s pretty good open mic night performance, she’s getting at a rough truth. Hannah isn’t actually doing any of the work she’s intended to, letting her book project slide while Adam breaks out on Broadway and Marnie stumbles towards making actual art. It’s just too bad that this insight arrived in a somewhat slack, repetitive episode after a series of strong half-hours.


For a show that offers us just five or six hours of content a season, Girls has circled around on itself quite a bit this year. Some of this hasn’t entirely been the show’s fault: Christopher Abbot’s decision to quit Girls meant that Lena Dunham and Co. had to run through Marnie’s breakup again.  Read More...


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