I actually was pleased by this movie. Sure it was simple, but it delivers a clean message, while still managing to truely be a family film, and not just a kid's movie with that label. You can tell some real thought went into the dialouge, and the charaters come across well.

Although it touchs on religious princples, it does it in a way that is nethier offensive nor overdramatic. For example, "god" has a ironic sense of hurmor, putting the main charater through some rather embrassing things, but ends up showing great reasons for doing so.

In the movie, you can see bible sitiutations playing out in a easy flowing situation. People asking if god cares what they are going through etc, without it being preachy. Overall I find the open endedness refreshing, as it is rarely seen in today's movies. However, this movie will strike home with only a select audience. If you are looking for action, this is not the film for you.


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