Being Human 4.11 Review: “Ramona and the Pest”

If each Being Human episode had its own nickname, this week’s “Ramona and the Pest” would definitely be “The Game Changer.” The show is always throwing in a curveball (or two) at its viewers, but what this week offered up — especially in its final moments — probably made your head and heart spin.

For the first time in the series we meet Sally’s father. He arrives with news that the house has been sold, telling the roommates that they have until the end of the week to turn in their keys and be completely out. It felt safe to assume that this storyline died with Robbie, but it seems that the show’s shelf life is tightly linked to the characters presence in the house.

We also get to meet Ramona, the girl Sally saw murdered in the house way back at the start of the season. We learn that she has been trapped in that room since her death. As our roommates talk with her more they discover she has a twin, a revelation Sally latches on to. Ramona’s predicament as her cue to start working on getting her door again, but Ramona seems to have plans of her own for the housemates.



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