Castle 6.19 Review: “The Greater Good”

On this week’s Castle, we get some Wall Street intrigue and meet Captain Gates’ estranged sister! Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett must figure out what to do about their very, very large guest list.

Our victim, Peter Cordero, works for Wall Street firm JP Harden and was found murdered on his bed. An anonymous tipster calls it in, but doesn’t identify herself. His shirt was unbuttoned, so it looked like the killer was looking for something. “Or a bunch of cash on his chest, like Wolf of Wall Street.” His cousin thinks something was bothering him at work, but she doesn’t know much. Their family came from Venezuela after the earthquake.

At JP Harden, Jamie Berman dumps a million dollars on the table to get his employees working. If only I could just get my hands on a stack… I honestly thought Berman would be the guy to do it, because I recognize his face as one of those actors who’s in a lot of stuff and is often the villain. Berman tells them that Cordero met with a shady character a few days ago. Castle and Beckett recap their Wall Street trip for Gates, just as the anonymous tipster walks in with US Attorney Elizabeth Western, Gates’ sister!



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