Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.22 Review: “Charges and Specs”

Alright, so last night’s first season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was so bittersweet because while this season has been super fun to watch and surprisingly successful with rising improvement, now we have to wait months for it to return.  Last night’s episode, “Charges and Specs,” was a great finale that really rounded out the long-term plots that have been developing all season and certainly set the show up with plenty of possibilities going forward. I really love how Brooklyn Nine-Nine has taken advantage of its cast and made sure to shape everyone into likable characters each with a purpose and the ability to function both in a group and on their own.

Last night, the episode open up with two crises; in the opening scene, Peralta is being an obnoxious drunk who buys everyone drinks because he just lost his job with the NYPD, which was obviously serving a larger purpose but still left me curious about how Peralta ended up in the situation.  Meanwhile Boyle comes into the department dressed head to toe like Neo from The Matrix movies (brilliant) because Vivian ended things with him and broke off their engagement. Poor Boyle, he can’t even find joy in food anymore and is satisfied eating a bag of eggs. Either way, the episode threw the two main characters into really unfortunate and negative situations, but that just means the rest of their team is going to do everything in their power to cheer these two back up.



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