Duck Dynasty 5.10 Review: “Stand by Mia”

The season 5 finale of Duck Dynasty was in the true spirit of the show. It was heart-warming, entertaining and hilarious as always. So for the last time this season, let’s jump right in, shall we?

To round out the roller coaster season five, Jase’s daughter Mia is having surgery (her 4th, but she has “Jase Robertson nerves of steel”). When her parents ask her what she wants to do before her surgery, she says she wants to have a family party! That’s adorable (and NOT what I would’ve picked)! She wants her dad’s cousins to come and to see them wrestle. Cutest thing ever? Pretty much.

Willie, Jase, Martin and Godwin are charged with setting up a tent in the woods for the party. Willie doesn’t participate because he’s convinced Korie will hate it. Long story short…she doesn’t. While these guys work on that, Phil and Jep are going hunting for ducks to put in Miss Kay’s jumbalaya. Of course, the other boys are very upset. Why does Jep get to go hunting and they don’t? Not cool.



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