'Teen Wolf' Season 3, episode 23 recap: Death comes to 'Insatiable'

Yes, "Teen Wolf" fans. That happened. Allison Argent died at the end of "Insatiable." It's not a joke and there aren't any take-backs.There is also one episode left before the Season 3 finale. Think about that -- and be afraid.Spot the Stiles!OK, so there are two Stileses now. That's not confusing or anything. It's especially confusing since one of the Stiles people is totally and completely evil, while the other is mostly just freaked out. Oh, and he's dying of a dull ache and being really cold too.Meanwhile, the nogitsune version of Stiles has bolted back to Eichen House with Lydia. His purpose? He mostly just wants to torment her for a fear-snack until the others show up to save the banshee. At that point, Evil Stiles has other, more nefarious plans.Tough times for TwinsThey have been de-flied, so the Twins aren't evil zombies anymore. But that doesn't mean life is getting any better for...



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