Enemy at the Gate. Verdict: Brilliant. Spoilers.

What a really good episode it was! There I was thinking that with only 1 hour to wrap it all up, that somehow we'd all be left wanting. Well at the credits I was thinking, "Whoa, they really did a good job on that."

From the beginning it wasn't a case of something extraordinary - it started like any of the other episodes in Series 3-5 could have started. Some Wraith overthrown another Wraith who happens to have a ZPM, so he supe's up his Hive Ship.

Suddenly the concept behind the episode of Vegas made sense, and it seemed like a stroke of genius.

With a spectacular battle above Earth between the Super Hive and Atlantis, I think we were given all the CG we wanted from this episode and had enough emotional content to go with it.

My only grumble was Atlantis' new Wormhole Drive. It has never been mentioned before, and despite Zalenka's warnings about how theoretical it is, they were still able to shimmy it together within a few hours. A bit of a let down, but I can see why they needed to get to Earth quickly.

I think where the episode left off - with the Super Hive destroyed (with a possibility of a few Wraith still left at Area 51), and with Atlantis sitting just outside the Golden Gate Bridge (cloaked, of course), they've left it wide open for more features, while at the same time bringing this part of the franchise to a fantastic closing point.

I'm really looking forward to an Atlantis film, I can't imagine what's going to happen. What do you all think?


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Jan 12, 2009 1:07PM EST

Yeah i really enjoyed the episode as well! One of the best! and i agree with that thing about the wormhole drive, the ancients who were the most advanced race ever could n't do it, but zelenka did? lol

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