Lost Girl Season 4 Review “End of a Line”

I don’t see how it would be possible to watch last night’s Lost Girl without welling up with tears. The gang suffered a shocking and devastating loss. I don’t want to start with the sad, though, so let’s go through the other events of this game changing episode.

We start with Kenzi bemoaning the changes in her relationship with Bo. Reiner is driving a wedge between them. Bo assures her that she is not leaving her behind. Bo should really appreciate how quickly Kenzi is willing to forgive and move past any slight. The Hallmark moment is ruined when Bo encounters a rampaging zombie in the kitchen. Before she can take down the dead dude, Valkyrie Acacia shows up and chops his head off. Acacia claims that she is now hunting Revenants. When Tamsin finds the Wanderer card by the zombie’s body, she concludes that Reiner is sending the dead after Bo. Reiner seems like he can handle his own business, I can’t see him hiring someone else.




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