The Fosters (ABC Family) Season Finale 2014 Review “Adoption Day”

The Fosters concluded a nearly flawless first season with an episode overflowing with cliffhangers. In fact, there were so many moments that left me holding my breath, I am not sure where to start, so I’m going to start with the most natural place: Callie and Jude. Their journey has been the constant throughout the first season, their yearning for home, for a family. After everything that stood in their way from Callie and Brandon’s relationship to their father, their journey finally reached its conclusion. Well, Jude’s did.

Callie was dealt one more blow when she discovered moments before the adoption that the man she has always believed to be her father, isn’t her biological father. Her history still holds one more question mark and because the court doesn’t know if this man is dead or alive, her adoption could not go through. Watching Callie urge Jude to go through with his adoption, and then standing in the courtroom with a mix of pride and longing on her face as her little brother was officially made a Foster was the kind of moment that makes TV worth watching. The joy was there, but so was the aching. Lena promises Callie that she is already a part of their family no matter what, and in another terrific appearance by Rosie O’Donnell, Rita urges Callie to wait for luck to find her. The worrying question is what will happen when her biological father finds her?



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