Psych Series Finale 2014 Review “The Break-Up” – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

In the series finale of Psych, called “The Break-Up,” Shawn makes a life-changing decision and struggles to tell his best friend about it as they take on a new case.

What can I say about the ending of this series other than it was about as perfect an ending I could have ever hoped or dreamed of. Shawn finally decided that he needed to be with Juliet and through a series of mysterious messages to an unknown person, we learned all the various ways that he tried oh, so valiantly, to tell his best friend. It was an episode that saw Shawn and Gus at their best, acting wacky and solving a case, while doing all those little things we’ve loved since the beginning of this show. I shan’t bother to list every one of those little things as they are well-documented in my favorite bits.



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