Season 3, episode 1-5

love how it is turning out after im watching the episodes, clearly not as good as season 1, which had me sitting by the computer until i had watched the entire season, which was a 2 days heroes maraton, no sleep included, hehe

*******This part contains spoilers for "The Boondock Saints", anyone who haven't watched that movie and wants to do so should avoid reading the comment in it, really, it's one of the best movies i have ever watched, wait, it's the best*******

*******Contains Spoilers for the boondock saints, read at your own risk*******

i find it amusing that they threw in a quote, or pun, or whatever you call it from the boondock saints, with sylar almost exactly repeating the scene when agent smecker bossed around the cops during the investegation that followed the barfight featuring the saints and the Russian mall (not sure i got the spelling right, but yeah, the mafia, mall, or whatever it's called)

*******End Of Spoilers*******


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