Bruno Review by James Mulvey

With Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen used his comedy to expose the xenophobic and anti-Semitic prejudices still prevalent in American culture. With Bruno, Cohen delivers another hilarious punch to ignorance. But underneath Bruno's designer outfits, images of dancing penises singing (in a thick German accent) "Bruuuuunooo," and the bastardized German-English catch phrases, is a dark social commentary. The film is a cultural document of our acceptance and indifference to homophobia and it is this message that, if Cohen has his way, will stay with you long after the exposed male genitals and ridiculous gay sex scenes have flickered from the screen.

Before Cohen's fans were able to watch Bruno the movie, this fictional character first appeared on short sketches for the Paramount Comedy Channel in 1998, and then was reworked into Da Ali G Show. Staying close to these comedic roots, the film bases itself around the three things which Bruno, as a gay Austrian fashion reporter, loves: fashion, celebrities, and being gay.

Bruno is not only gay. He's really, really gay. After being fired from his job as a fashion reporter on the television show Funkyzeit mit Bruno, Bruno heads with his assistant Lutz (played by Gustaf Hammarsten) on an intercontinental qust to become famous. From Austria to Hollywood to the Middle East, Bruno exposes himself and homophobia to the various people he meets along the way.

Like Borat, much of the film is based on the unscripted comedic talents of Cohen (who plays Bruno) and real reactions to Bruno's bizarre behavior. Despite Cohen being more recognizable now than when Borat was filmed, the movie still features interviews with some famous figures. As Paula Abdul (pop singer and judge on American Idol) has been in a drug-induced coma for the past several years, she seems oblivious to the fact that she is being interviewed by one of Cohen's characters and unwittingly shows up in the film. Cohen also manages to secure an interview with attention-hungry Ron Paul (Republican presidential candidate). Ron Paul's excuse for not knowing Cohen? I guss he is too old and too Republican to watch Ali G or Borat.

After a series of failed attempts to get famous, Bruno turns to an industry standard: make a sex tape with someone famous and release it to the public.

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