'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 16 recap: Spring break means booze, blood, hallucinations, break up sex and another doppelgänger

Before we being your regularly scheduled "The Vampire Diaries" recap, let's all take a moment of silence for Katherine Pierce, who is no longer with us. Even with the small hints of her that we got in "While You Were Sleeping" on Thursday (March 20) -- her narration of the diary entries she wrote in Elena's journal, Elena's hallucinations of her seducing Stefan and dancing on a bar drunk -- it still wasn't enough. Her absence was missed, and so was she.But ding dong, the doppelganger is dead ... and when one falls, another rises. That's right: We're getting another Stefan doppelganger! And he seems to be human, is definitely hot, and is an EMT in Atlanta, helping innocent and hurt people. Awwwww. Stefan 2.0 is going to be amazing, and probably clueless that a whole world of hurt is heading his way. But let's back up for a bit, because a lot went...



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