Revolution Season 2 Review “Austin City Limits”

If it had somehow not been made clear up to this point, Revolution has moved into seriously dark territory this season. By the end of “Austin City Limits,” Jason had died, Priscilla had lost her free will and Miles had crossed a line he’d hoped to never cross again. The show has stepped up its game, and it’s awesome to behold.

Starting with the least shocking development, the nanos taking over Priscilla was still an effective turn for this slow-burning story. Save for the excellent Aaron episode, the show has done a great job of keeping the tech storyline on the back burner this season. In doing so, it’s managed to make it far more interesting, trickling the information out at a controlled pace. Sure, it’s still a bit fantastical, but it fits in with the theme of free will and control being explored in the rebellion arc.



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