After a very disappointing second episode, Believe bounces back a bit in its third offering. “Origin” answers some necessary questions that have been previously unaddressed while once again sending Bo and Tate on the run from the law and helping a stranger in need.

It’s these flashbacks that provide a whole lot of helpful context to the ongoing plot, giving us a glimpse at Bo’s mother, how Skouras recruited her to weaponize her abilities, and most importantly, just why Winter cares so much about Bo. While we don’t quite get to see why Winter “trusts” Nina so much, this episode does give us a genuinely chilling moment in which Nina prophesizes Bo and Tate on the run nearly ten years later. This simple scene legitimizes Winter’s belief in his increasingly dangerous mission to protect this girl, and the fact that his team in the present acknowledges how dangerous everything has become is a welcome touch.



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