CSI Season 14 Review “The Fallen”

On the latest episode of “CSI,” we got a warped one, as the LVPD found themselves under fire from an unexpected source: a teenage boy with some serious issues, in “The Fallen.” As DB was questioning Jacob Baker, the young man who found himself in trouble for pointing one of those laser pens at a landing airplane a few episodes back, the teen in question, Mark Powell, laid siege to the precinct, shooting several cops and innocent bystanders in the process. Among them was the suspect, Jacob, who caught a stray bullet in the process. I guess that’s one way to scare a younger criminal straight!

This was an intense episode and essentially well-staged, save for the inherent Achilles’ heel that is standard for most crime procedurals: if you draw a lot of attention to a character we either haven’t seen before or in a decidedly limited fashion previously- in other words, a bit player- then chances are, they’re in on it somehow. Now, I’ll allow that I thought it was the gun-happy Nolan that was involved, which wasn’t entirely wrong, but you better believe I noticed the overt way the episode drew attention to reconciled couple and fellow officers, the Hughes.




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