Elementary Season 2 Review “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville”

Hard to believe, but the latest episode of “Elementary” actually managed to live up to its thoroughly mental title, “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville.” There were a whole lot of mouths, or more specifically, bites, involved in this episode, and not all of them belonged to Colville. We started with one such bite, as, if I understood this correctly, a mortician high on something (PCP, I think) and formaldehyde- aka “wet,” according to Holmes- slipped and fell into a corpse which left a set of bite marks on him and then hit the ground hard enough to kill himself on the impact of the floor.

Meanwhile, a robber who stole from the corpse, and possibly the mortician, was forced to hide in the freezer when the cops arrived, where Holmes found him still posing as a corpse under a sheet until the coast was clear. That about right? Pretty crazy stuff.




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