The Vampire Diaries 5.17 Review: “Rescue Me”

It looks like we’ve got a witchy war brewing on The Vampire Diaries with Stefan and Elena caught in the middle.  Relationship drama aside, shocking revelations were made and unexpected new alliances were formed in this episode.

We last left Damon and Elena as they both agreed that their relationship is toxic, but their actions didn’t exactly follow their words.  They’re waking up in a broken bed but have no time to talk as Elena is running late for Jeremy’s parent-teacher meeting.  Of course Damon shows up at the school too (after a few necessary drinks at the Grill) because he is listed as Jeremy’s guardian.

That leads me to talk about what Jeremy’s really been up to, besides missing an alarming number of days at school.  Damon first saw him at the Grill earlier talking to Liv, and we really learned the truth about what’s going on between them.  Luke and Liv’s covers were blown as now everyone knows they’re witches.  If it weren’t for the Travelers advancing on Mystic Falls, they wouldn’t be as desperate as they are.  They seem to know what the Travelers are capable of, and they know that Elena and Stefan are important to them.  Jeremy, along with Tyler and Matt, make a deal with Luke and Liv that they’ll help them fight the Travelers if the siblings in turn protect Elena.  I have to say I really like this new trio of Jeremy/Matt/Tyler working and now living together!



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