Hart of Dixie 3.15 Review: “Ring of Fire”

Hart of Dixie is mostly known for its distinctly quirky town of Bluebell where we’ve seen all sorts of themed festivities before, so it’s about time they hosted a Renaissance Faire.  Huzzah!

Still reeling from his breakup, Lavon found the perfect coping mechanism: planning town events.  He’s shocked that the townspeople aren’t embracing his latest idea of a Renaissance Faire.  George said that maybe they’re all exhausted with all the other fests he’s been throwing, including a sandwich fest and a pickle fest.  Shame we never got to see those happen!

At the same time, everyone does seem interested in Lemon’s current predicament of being torn between two lovers, Enrique or Carter.  This reminded me a lot of Gilmore Girls when Lorelai and Luke broke up and everyone showed their support for either of the parties.  Only now the people of Bluebell are sporting Team Carter or Team Enrique t-shirts.  Lavon seizes this opportunity to draw crowds to his faire by roping the men into dueling for “Queen” Lemon’s hand and heart.




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