Being Human 4.12 Review: “House Hunting”

In the second to last episode of Being Human the roommates saw a lot of action. The series has a trademark pacing and tone that it’s played with all season. House Hunting was perhaps its biggest shift, but in the best of ways. The episode begins with Aidan trying to talk Kenny into leaving Boston. It’s like watching a ticking time bomb though because we know that Kenny knows. So while Aidan tries to console him about his dead girlfriend, we’re mostly just wondering when the young vampire is going to snap.

When Aidan arrives back at the house, Ramona has joined the moving party. Or she’s trying to. She’s beginning to give everyone weird vibes, but that aside they really can’t stay. To ease Sally’s mind, Aidan promises to help the young ghost get closure. However, when Sally goes to tell Ramona about the plan she’s not there anymore. It’s weird, but everyone takes it as a cue to pack it up, and so they break off to grab their things.



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