Revolution 2.18 Review: “Austin City Limits”

Revolution returns after a short break after the vicious (but necessary?) attack on the Willoughby re-education camp. To build up the hype for the episode, they promised a shocking death of a main character. Tensions were high as we were teased over who would die.

Neville finds Jason after searching for him and tries to get him back onto the mission of killing Monroe. Jason is having none of it and rightfully says that Julia is most likely dead already. The Patriots have done terrible things; it is unlikely that they have stuck to their word in freeing her if Monroe is killed. Jason desperately tries to talk sense into Neville, who is unable to see between right and wrong. All that matters to him is getting Julia back, and then he’ll have his revenge on the Patriots. Jason walks away angrily because his father isn’t willing to fight for him.



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