'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 1 finale: Someone loses a romance, and someone loses a job

It's the end of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 1, fans. And what a season it's been, eh? Cough, cough, Golden Globe WHAT. What will Season 2 hold? Well, maybe a new job for Peralta. And maybe some new and seriously unexpected relationships.'Charges and Specs'Jake gets himself fired! He's investigating Lucas Wint, a community leader, for money laundering, but gets shut down by the Commissioner Podalski (who is still ticked off that Peralta had his son arrested). He doesn't back off, though, even roping Santiago into his mission to get more evidence. She in turn backs him up to Holt. But he's brought up on "charges and specs" by Podalski, and is put on administrative leave until a hearing about the case. But he continues working anyway, with Santiago doing the leg work, because he's OCD Peralta.They find an informant who tells Holt he's been dropping cash at Wint's community center every Friday that's being marked...



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