'New Girl' Season 3, episode 20: The Jess-Nick relationship goes up in flames for 'Mars Landing'

Watch out for True American, "New Girl" fans. It may seem like good, clean, Grover Cleveland-referencing fun in the moment, but the hangover that follows will destroy your life. That's what Jess and Nick find out the hard way in "Mars Landing" when True American, the future of space travel and a child's toy lead to a break-up.Kind of.The infinite heartache of True AmericanThe whole thing begins the morning-after, when Nick and Jess are supposed to go to Sadie the gynecologist's son's birthday party. Alas, Nick hasn't put together the toy yet. And semi-drunk Jess doesn't know better than to detail her entire life-story of future plans for the relationship.Nick gets a little scared. Jess gets apprehensive. They both realize that they have pretty much opposite views on future planning. Also, Nick wants to be a long-distance trucker on Mars, while Jess wants a house by a lake in Portland.Their fighting comes to a...



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