New Girl Recap: Babes and Toyland

How are you guys doing? You okay? You need a hug? A cookie? Take a deep breath. We’re going to get through this.


So … Nick and Jess broke up. God, that was a hard sentence to type.

The fact that they brought back True American probably should have been a warning sign that this was the episode we’ve all been dreading. It was the New Girl equivalent of buying us a Barbie before taking us to get our booster shots.

I’d really held out hope that it wouldn’t come to this. But, even after two seasons of occasionally tedious will they/won’t they, New Girl season three was never content to have its central couple just be together. There was no way, then, for the breakup, despite the multitudinous “feels” it inspired, to not feel contrived and convenient. Couples have bigger fights than this all the time and stay intact; only in sitcom-land are people who are truly in love with each other cowed so easily.  Read More...


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