Ok so i'm totally lost....

Cruz was framed for his friend's murder because Rayborn was trying to turn him into a bad cop? Wasn't Rayborn a cop? And how does Roman tie into it? And Reese's father? Someone break this down for me please!



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Apr 10, 2009 1:58AM EDT

because rayborn and those other cops kept that money from the bankheist. they used the money to grow their own businesses illegally and rayborn needed somebody to carry on the business after they were retired. he saw that cruz was a good cop because he was talent scouting new recruits.
A good cop like cruz would of helped out a friend that was being pinched and turned into a bad cop. Roman was the guy that rayborn had handle some of his business to launder his money. Roman was told that cruz was picked instead of him and he was jelous of that.
Roman was trying to get the connections from reeses father because he was one of the 7 cops that were part of the heist so he thought he knew the answers that roman was trying to get like bank info and safety deposit boxes. But they separated their money and i guess didnt give in to roman and got killed.
meh, anyhow romans dead now and we know why he was framed for his friends murder. the question that remains is who are the other 3 guys involved in the heist and how the heck is cruz going to get out of killing that russian he ran over and going awol. especially with roman killed on his orange field.
Well lookin interesting they really have evolved the show the next season is going to be great

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Apr 10, 2009 8:52AM EDT

Thats pretty much right, except i don't know if Reese's father is dead as we have no proof of that only Romans word on it. Also the guy he killed with the car was not russian he was a FBI agent that just worked for Roman. However you right, how does he deal with going AWOL and obviously killing the FBI guy and the general disregard for the rules while he searched for Dani.

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Apr 10, 2009 10:45AM EDT

omg, thank you guys!
But that was so unfair of Rayborn. Why didn't he just choose a dirty cop to take over the business? Why'd he have to try to turn somebody who could never be turned? He himself said it, Cruz was a good cop.
I guess the part of the plan that went wrong was they didn't count on Cruz's friend not taking the deal. Apparently he couldn't be turned either.
One thing i don't get, if Cruz and hi friend weren't gonna play ball, how did they end up killing his whole family and sending Cruz to jail?
Or did Roman do that as revenge?

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Apr 11, 2009 10:59AM EDT

The families death was unplanned it was just a mistake i think, and it basically threw the plan out of the window for a few years.He did not want a bad cop, he was looking for someone specific someone who listened who was had the same kind of determination as they did.

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Apr 12, 2009 2:59AM EDT

oh, ok thanks

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