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The Pirate Solution question

What did Sheldon mean that Raj's native language is english? Isn't he from India?


| 14:07 EDT, 14 Oct, 2009
NGrady666..Not everyone knows english, most people i know in Austria or Germany or around there actually dont know english, or they just barely know it..
| 12:52 EDT, 14 Oct, 2009
i'm pretty sure at this point english is the 'common' language for the world, the 'translation base' or something. people who live in non english speaking countries use english to talk to each-other now adays.
| 12:04 EDT, 14 Oct, 2009
Two? Actually, it has 23. Most indians know English because this is the language they speak to indians who speak a different language (over 400 languages are "in use" in india). This is why it is used besides hindi for official governement communications, and why most know it.
| 18:10 EDT, 13 Oct, 2009
India has two national languages: English and Hindi. Most children in India learn both.
| 16:50 EDT, 13 Oct, 2009
Also the fact that when England ruled over India, British people were in their country speaking English and the Indian's pick it up and had to speak it as one of their languages. This is why often if you are phoning a call centre it will be based in India, cheap workforce and can speak the language.
| 16:13 EDT, 13 Oct, 2009
A lot of affluent Asian families, especially if they know their kids will be going abroad for school, will teach their children English as well as other local languages. It is very common to speak 3-4 languages fluently in India.

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