Ripper Street Season 2 Review “Our Betrayal – Part I”

This week’s episode of Ripper Street contained a major turning point for nearly every character. Drake had to decide if he could put aside his emotional damage to return to his police work. Long Susan faced the decision on whether to trust Jackson or compromise herself. Reid and Miss Cobden fought their desires for one another. Most significantly, one of Reid’s men had to choose where his loyalties lie.

One of the most significant developments is the discovery that Flight is not who he seems. We learn that he is aligned with Inspector Shine, Reid’s nemesis from the K Division. Shine placed Flight in H Division to alert him if Inspector Reid ever poses a threat. His duplicity comes into sharp focus when he’s called upon to investigate the claims of a jeweler who has been swindled out of some valuable jewels. Flight quickly learns that the thief is under Shine’s protection. This was a shocking revelation that is truly disappointing. He seemed so eager to become a valuable member of Reid’s team, but it was all subterfuge.



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