Scandal Recap: Happy, Together Family

Enough with the face-licking, okay?


Last night left me with three big questions: Why didn’t Mellie tell Fitz about the rape? Did Harrison actually die offscreen last season, and this season he’s a Sixth Sense–style ghost that only Adnan Salif can see? Is Mama Pope conserving her energy for the final showdown or something? That bitch is always lying down!

It’s Fitz Family Fun Night at the White House! Remember their kids? They sure don’t. Everyone is gearing up for an interview that might not happen now that the surly, scowling teens are able to see their parents’ dysfunction up close and basically want no part of it. Gerry has a “Reston for President” T-shirt on the ready and is running an anti-Fitz Twitter account (complete with the very teenage comparison of his dad to Hitler and fascism), and Karen is a shrill vegan because no one knows how to write teenage girls. My mom would have wound up to smack me like Thor swinging Mjolnir if I ever screamed at her to get out of my room. Then again, Karen could have lit the White House on fire after she caught her mom giving a beej to “Uncle Andrew” (uuuuuuuch), so I’ll forgive the girl a few histrionics.  Read More...


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