The Vampire Diaries Recap: Figuring Out Crazy


Hey, guys! Last night was fun. Did you have fun? I had a blast. There was that crazy new witch, and Paul Wesley eating tons of carbs, and Damon and Elena just sexing each other like crazy against lockers. It was a good episode.


Let’s chat!

Tom Avery! You want to talk about irony? This dude’s hair was anything from a hero’s and yet there he was, saving lives, blood everywhere, not trying to murder a bunch of peeps. Season Five, episode 17: "It’s What’s Inside That Counts." Plus 12.

I thought sex was supposed to make you happier than that. Elena definitely did not look too psyched. Minus 8. Also Ian looked a little like he was posing for a college kid doing a dude sketch. No points, but that strategic sheet placement, Jesus.

This absurd idea that Caroline would kill a human — a doctor — made me laugh out loud during that scene with Enzo. I liked when he teased her, too. Caroline really does have chemistry with any male on this show.  Read More...


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