'Shameless' Season 4, episode 11 recap: 'Emily' brings Mickey and Ian violent peace

Frank's going to live after all, but his post-operative delirium on "Shameless" might actually be something to help him change his ways. When Frank finally awoke from his sedation, he didn't know who anyone was and confused his visitors for other people in his life.Most notably, it was Emily who has a profound impact on Frank. The little girl with a failing heart shared a room with him and he was able to convince himself she was Fiona. Seeing as her dad had split, she was more than willing to let the ailing Frank fill the role for however long he would.Unfortunately, Emily's heart isn't strong enough to last until a transplant comes through and the episode ends with her dying while Frank mourns the loss of his daughter. If this is something he will remember once the delirium passes, it could be a catalyst for change. With a new liver and a new lease...



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