'The Good Wife' - 'The Last Call': Alicia grieves for Will and pulls away from Peter

Grief manifests itself in so many ways. Sunday's (March 30) episode of "The Good Wife" put several versions of grief on display in a wonderful tribute to a beloved character. Alicia's griefObviously, Alicia's grief was going to be front and center of the episode but the writers took a gut-wrenchingly realistic look at how death really affects people's lives. Alicia got a voicemail from Will shortly before the courtroom shooting and it ... said nothing. He said her name, got interrupted and said he'd have to call her back. Instead of going for some dramatic voicemail -- like the ones Alicia plays out in her head, where Will is angry or conciliatory or loving towards her -- the show made both their last in-person meeting and the last time Alicia will hear Will's voice entirely inconsequential. It doesn't stop Alicia from running around trying to make sense of the voicemail, needing reassurance that he didn't...



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