The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Return From Bitch Mountain

Are you a bitch, or are you acting like a bitch? Did you feel like you were a bitch in that moment? Do friends call friends bitches? Is there a difference between being a bitch and acting like a bitch? The Atlanta Housewives are answering all the tough questions this week.


NeNe and Gregg are quickly becoming my least favorite people on television. After stomping in and calling Peter a bitch, NeNe sat down, rolled her eyes, and weakly apologized for what she said to Peter while Gregg continued his threats while shaking Peter’s hand. NeNe is clearly feeling the need to throw her weight around in the wake of her disappointing career decline, and Gregg just needs a retirement hobby. Someone, teach him how to play Parcheesi! Starting fights with people is not a productive way to pass your time. Phaedra accurately pointed out that Cynthia is contracted to be NeNe’s best friend, but is that a reason for her to not defend her husband? What would it take for Cynthia to step up and say something, to confront anyone about anything? Her husband was being double-teamed by NeNe and Gregg, and she looked positively bored. When she did speak up, all she said was, “You guys should have talked privately and squashed it.” Oh, do go on, Captain Obvious. Let’s talk about all of the things that should have happened instead of addressing what is actually happening — then, if you wish hard enough, the earth will spin off its axis and into a time tunnel, where you can hire Doctor Who to make sure Kenya was never born so the masquerade ball never happened.  Read More...


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