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Grey's Anatomy VS Shepherd's Anatomy?

Sesason finale - marriage!! - last names??

ok, so i was thinking that the marriage between meredith and derek in the season finale that if they do get married! would grey take shepherd as her last name, or keep her own because surely if she takes his name it wouldn't be grey's anatomy anymore because she would be shepherd, anyone else think the same?


| 00:17 EDT, 11 Apr, 2009
She would have to keep her own last name (or change it like Addison did to grey-shepherd), because her medical degree is for Meredith Grey.
| 22:37 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
But it totally depends on the person. And they wouldn't change the show's name...
| 10:31 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
addison was montgomery shepherd, so....
| 07:49 EDT, 10 Apr, 2009
Maybe Meredith Grey Shepherd
| 23:45 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
they're not gonna have her change her name...i think that would be out of her character
| 20:50 EDT, 09 Apr, 2009
i dont think they would change the name of the show....

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