The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

i have just watched the first two episodes of the series and i have to admit i am 100% in love with the show. in the first episode more of the relationship action happened with characters that are not the lead. i find it doubtful though that in real life a girl that had just found out that she was pregnant would go out on a date straight away and not feel at all sad by the fact she's in a difficult situation. yes, she is looking for comfort but at the expense of staying in denial and in the long run hurting not only herself but first true boyfriend Ben. in the second episode of the series Amy's dilemma nearly becomes public knowledge due to the fact her friends are probably the biggest gossips in the world. i don't know about anyone else but if my friend had just had sex i would never discuss it with people outside of my group but yet they did and this info got to Ben via his friends and in a moment of weakness he leaves her a message on her voicemail which nearly demands answers. however, later on she gets a new phone call from Ben saying to ignore the last one and he states to her that he loves her. they had just gone out on one very public date and suddenly they're in love. now i am a hopeless romantic but i wouldn't admit it to the other person that i am in love with them so early on our relationship. another character that i find very interesting is Ricky aka the biological father as be comes across at first as a womaniser with a massive ego but we learn there is a reason for this behaviour and this is he is searching for acceptance and to be loved for himself and not for anything else due to the fact he was sexually abused by his father. the show also deals with abstinence which is a popular topic amongst teenagers these days as they either commit or don't but i like how strong Grace is with dealing her commitment to her religion and i sympathise with Jack for having urges that are 100% natural but. the character Adrienne is the femme fatale of the series as she knows she's sexy and she uses that knowledge for her benefit which is funny and interesting but sometime it can go a bit over the tip i.e. the scene in the hall feat. the zipper. the friends of both amy and ben are important as they deal with the inner workings while being unnoticed but amy's friends tend to lack loyalty as seen by the unveiling of one of her secrets. the parents of Amy and Grace are clever as they encourage fear in their children towards the opposite sex.

i hope the truth about the pregnancy comes out as i would like to see how the show deals with that as it is very rare to have a show deal with the topic of teenage pregnancy. concerning Ricky, i would like him to take responsibility with his child and be the father that he never had. i hope Grace stays true to her commitment and Jack understands that which will either result in them ending or them being committed (or perhaps they'll get married-even though she said after med school but i'm just throwing it in there). Adrienne's character does have a sensitive side which i would like to see more of and the friends of Amy and Ben should leave them get on with it however unrealistic their relationship is as it would be soo great if they could stay together during the pregnancy. the parents should stay the same and be protective over their children. however my wants may never happen but the one thing i don't want to see is Amy have a miscarriage.

overall though i can't wait for the third episode and i absolutely love the show as it deals with a lot of controversial issues which aren't normally dealt with. i'm sorry if this wasn't helpful but at the end of the day i'm expressing myself. so bye :P peace out.


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