'Arrow' Season 2, episode 18: 'Deathstroke' reveals all the secrets

"Arrow" doesn't like to keep secrets -- not really, anyway. How else do you explain the fact that there are four monster revelations in the single episode, "Deathstroke"?Seriously, the way they keep revealing stuff, Oliver might want to invest in a billboard to make sure everyone knows. But what are the big four secrets of the week?#1: Who's your daddy, Thea?At the end of the previous episode, Thea Queen made the foolish mistake of getting in Slade Wilson's big, fancy car. That's because he didn't want to talk about her boyfriend issues and smudged makeup. He wanted to kidnap her. Which he does.That's just about all he does for awhile though, that and sending a "Save me!" video to Moira's debate. Thus, while everyone in Starling City is running around, shooting people with Himalayan pit viper venom and arresting Slade on suspicion of kidnapping, Thea is pretty much just sitting in a warehouse.Slade doesn't...



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