CSI Season 14 Review “Consumed”

The latest episode of “CSI” was one of those insane ones the show does every now and again to prove that it can still outdo any other crime procedural when they set their mind to it. In “Consumed,” the wacky topic at hand- or should I say at mouth- was cannibalism. Yes, there’s apparently a contingent of people out there with a cannibalism fetish, and as with most fetishes, there are those who do, and those to whom things are done. In this case, there are those who eat- and those who are eaten. Yep, the jokes just write themselves, don’t they?

According to “CSI,” this fetish is known as “vorarephilia,” or “vore” for short. I have no idea if this is a real thing, and don’t particularly want to do the research to find out because, you know, the internet. I learned long ago not to look into things you’re not quite sure what are because some of those things can’t be unseen. So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t verify this information, because I have no desire to see anyone eating anyone outside of a zombie flick or “The Walking Dead.” That’s gross enough for me, thank you very much- I don’t need to see the real thing.




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Apr 13, 2014 10:49AM EDT

CSI's take on 'vore'/vorearephilia is a bit embellished. I wouldn't recommend searching it (you'd still find a lot of sexual content), but you aren't likely to find much gore, and that you would find is illustrated. A vast majority with the fetish are into 'soft vore', in which the 'prey' is swallowed whole and alive. Think tom/jerry style cartoon predator and prey relationships. It's typically less focused on cannibalism or real-portrayals either way with people roleplaying by text as animals/furies; foxes and rabbits, cats and mice. Personally, I'm a vegetarian and so is my roleplaying partner. It's weird, but there's not any underground cults or snuff films to my knowledge; just a bunch of people that got a fetish surrounding a common cartoon occurrence.

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