Elementary Season 2 Review “No Lack of Void”

In the latest episode of “Elementary,” somewhat puzzlingly-titled “No Lack of Void,” Watson gets called in to examine a prisoner who turns out to be D.O.A. Even worse, it appears to be of less than natural causes, potentially anthrax, no less, and I don’t mean the speed metal band. Though that would have been pretty awesome, come to think of it. Possibly even preferable. But I digress.

Apparently, the guy in question was a pickpocket who was busted and thinking a powdery substance was coke, promptly swallowed it, and faster than you can say Mia Wallace, was deader than a doornail. (Okay, that was actually heroin, not anthrax, and she snorted it, but you get the idea. Know your drugs, kids!)




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